Why Wandering Kuebiko?

Kuebiko is the Shinto deity of knowledge and agriculture — depicted in Japanese folklore as a scarecrow with comprehensive awareness of the world even though he cannot walk. And while deities have the ability to gain unlimited knowledge from a single vantage point while stuck in the ground, us mere mortals must get out and wander around, explore, and seek out our own knowledge to make sense of the world which surrounds us. I invite you to join me as I strive to escape from the stick holding me in place and wander seeking the beauty and knowledge of life.

Tidal Force Photography

Beauty is everywhere. You just have to wander off and find it. When I do find it, I try to capture it with photography to both remember for me and share with you.

Modern Victory Yard

How does one turn a boring and barren suburban lawn into a thriving yard filled with productive food and flower gardens that provides both food for me and habitat for pollinators and other wildlife? Follow the journey here.

Kuebiko Crafting - Coming Soon

Explore punch needle and felting craft patterns inspired by my photography and gardening.