Cool Weather Veggies


Spring finally feels like it has arrived -- we have moved past the freezing rain of a couple weeks ago and that final frost date is finally in sight.  I decided that after work today I would put in some of the early spring, cool weather veggies.  I have prepared a former flower bed against the house in the front yard (my front yard faces south, so plenty of sunshine).  Carrots, greens, and peas were the plants of choice. Here are the specifics of what I planted: Carrot - Baby Little Finger (Daucus carota var. sativus) Carrot - Scarlet Nantes (Daucus carota var sativus) Spinach - Baby Hybrid Lettuce - Romaine Pea - Shelling Progress #9 (Pisum sativum) Pea - Snap Sugar Snap (Pisum sativum)

Here is what it looked like when everything was finished (this photo was actually taken the next day...I finished the planting by street light):

Spring Veggie Patch//

The snap peas were planted along the nylon string trellis.  The seed packet indicated that the shelling peas (planted in front) don't need a trellis.  We will see.  I also constructed a wood / chicken wire fence to try to keep the local critters out.