Christmas Day Adventure


On Christmas Day 2014, I celebrated by heading down to one of my favorite spots in Maine -- Biddeford Pool.  I arrived later in the morning after the overnight and early day rain had finally stopped and the clouds were in the final stages of moving out.  As the sky turned sunny and blue, the wind persisted maintaining some impressive surf along the shore.  The colors of the churning sea against the dull browns of the dune grass was breathtaking.Winter Dunes As I moved further along the shoreline towards the rocky areas, the waves were crashing in hard against those rocks.  Many places they would come in with such force, the water spray would shoot straight up into the air as if they were mimicking a geyser. Wave Crashing

Before I left, I made sure to hunker down against a rock outcropping that jutted out into the ocean.  I positioned myself safely out of the waves and the wind, but was in a prime location to watch the incoming waves.  It was a wonderful way to spend Christmas.

Maine, OceanKyle Neugebauer