Bug Light


Today I stopped by one of my favorite birding spots, Bug Light Park in South Portland.  It is a beautiful little park that overlooks Casco Bay along with the Portland Harbor and the Portland skyline across the water.  The two big draws for me is the Bug Light Breakwater Light and the birds.  Because most of the park is fill, the water level gets very deep very quickly offshore which attracts lots of diving ducks and other sea birds into fairly close viewing distance. The highlight was the female red-breasted merganser that I saw wresting with a fish:

Wrestling with Lunch

Eventually she was able to get a better grip on the squirming little guy and enjoy her lunch:

Fish for Lunch

There were also a couple common loons and a horned grebe looking for food; along with large numbers of common eiders, long-tailed ducks, buffleheads, and goldeneyes.  There was also one greater scaup, the first one I've seen.

My timing was pretty good as there was a large cargo ship just leaving the harbor while I was there.  Pretty cool to see it moving behind the lighthouse.

Departing Ship