Frozen Scarborough Marsh

Scarborough Marsh is a beautiful and vitally important wildlife habitat.  It is the largest saltwater marsh in Maine and the wildlife viewing opportunities are outstanding all year round.  I have visited the marsh during the summer and fall.  It is especially beautiful in the fall--the colors of the trees and sea grass are exceptional.  There are also large numbers of migrating birds as they head south before the winter sets in. Now winter has set in and the marsh looks a lot different.  Where the sea grass used to stand tall is now covered in a think layer of snow. Winter River

There are still some birds that hang around...the hardy, over wintering diving ducks such as golden eyes and mergansers remained.  This red-breasted merganser was spending the afternoon diving for fish. Red-breasted Merganser

A few open water areas remain on the Nonesuch River as it winds its way through the marsh, but most of it is iced over providing a beautiful reflective surface for the sunset.