Lake Superior


I recently took a wonderful trip back to the Midwest to visit family and friends.  Other than the people, one of the highlights was the time I spent back along the shores of Lake Superior.  It's an area that I know well after living in the region for many years and going on many different adventures there.  It was a quick trip that captured many of my favorite places, but it also served as a reminder how much I love this part of the country and that I need to go back soon. I began the Lake Superior leg of my trip in Ashland, Wisconsin, where I took in the frozen beauty of Chequamegon Bay. Ice Bay

Next it was over to Superior, Wisconsin, where Wisconsin Point with its breakwater light helps to guide ships on the great Lake. Wisconsin Point Light Frozen Dune Grass

I then headed into Minnesota and up the North Shore to visit the iconic Split Rock Light. Split Rock Light

After stopping on the side of the road to check out a bald eagle, I headed to Gooseberry Falls State Park. Bald Eagle

The Falls were frozen in such a way that I hadn't seen before.  A completely different experience, but one that was amazing in its own way. Frozen Falls 2 Cold Stream

Next, I headed down to Two Harbors to take in a breathtaking sunset over the harbor and breakwater. Frozen Breakwater Superior Sunset 3

I wrapped my time along the shores of Lake Superior the next day in Duluth.  With a final walk in Canal Park by the breakwater lights, I bid farewell to the Lake until the next time I can visit her. Breakwater Beacons